ASL Bank Home of Paige's Signing Friends

Hands 4 Learning holds an amazing bank of kid-friendly “Signers” created by animators, Brian & Karra Gadberry.  There are over 500 American Sign Language sign images within the bank for use in the creation of your own custom ASL Handouts.  Creating your handout is simple and fun. You may select you sign via the "English word/ASL sign" or choose from over 30 categories including the following:
                First Signs
                Emotion & Feelings
                About Me & Family
                                   . . . the list goes on!

The template allows you to load the signs you select in the order you desire.  You are also able to load signs from different categories onto the same template.  Categories are strickly defined and there is nearly no overlap of signs between categories.  The possibilities are nearly endless!


  Curriculum Creator

Love to write curriculum?  Hate to write curriculum?  The Curriculum Creator is where you want to be!  Whether you already have a current curriculum or choose to implement “Learning Onsite”, the Curriculum Creator is perfect.  It can be utilized as a supplement to existing lesson plans AND provide you with the flexibility of the “Learning Onsite” style.

Using the interactive template, begin by sorting through subject matter material based on one or a combination of topics.  From color or opposites to the Desired Results guide or developmental domains based on age or ability, you’ll begin your journey to your perfect lesson plan.  Complete with “Hello and Good-bye Songs”, the Curriculum Creator counts down the minutes you fill with your own brand of fun.  You may choose the time frame or simply gather the activities you’re looking for to create a fun afternoon with learning and laughing.

Curriculum Creator offers activities including but not limited to Sing-a-long Songs, Circle Activities, Rhythm Chants, Finger-Plays, Craft Time (complete with directions and materials list), Music & Movement songs, Partner-Plays, Sounds for Listening Skills, Object Recognition Activities and more amazing fun!


Music, Media & More...

Upon completion of your custom piece of Curriculum, the Creator will ask you another question… “Would you like to download to your CD/DVD burner the Music Media in order as it appears on your lesson plan?”  With a click of a button, the “MMM” will organize in order all of your audio selections to your computer for burning.


Coming Soon

Newsletter Creator **coming soon**
As an upgrade to your Hands 4 LearningSubscription, we offer a customizable Newsletter.  Set up on a simple template, the Newsletter will have space for Logo and Facility or personal information and features a drop down menu loaded with "Articlettes" for your use.  This will assist you in keeping the parents of the children you are working with and providing care for informed about developmental and creative happenings you are or will be focusing on in your future.  The "articlettes" will address specific topics using layman’s terms for the understandability of all receiving your information.


SignPod-cast (perfect for the Mom on the go)  **coming soon**
Been shopping and almost finished when your 18 month old starts to flip-out on you from sitting in the shopping cart a bit too long?  We've all been there!  Here's a great and educational way to treat your child to some fun - while you finish shopping.  Download the SignPod-cast right to your cell phone or IPod.  Each segment is fun and entertaining - not to mention educational!  You'll be much happier having your child singing and signing rather than whining and crying!  Check out the Mom's Subscription now.

"The 'Signing kids' are my favorite. They look like me - like they're my friends."

Paige, Kindergartener at Valley Arts & Science Academy