Hands 4 Learning provides Childcare Professionals and Parents with hands-on, innovative and practical resources for reaching the whole child. Integrating the use of American Sign Language throughout our comprehensive, “Desired Results” based, relevant developmental and fun interactive curriculum, Hands 4 Learning resources create tangible and life-application learning opportunities for professional, parent and child.


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Hands 4 Learning is a Subscription based custom curriculum site for the Early Childhood Educator and Parents of children 0-8 years of age.  Subscribers have the ability to select from pull down menus covering the range of Developmental Domains to specific topics like “Colors”.  Templates are based on the amount of time to be covered for a single lesson plan.  Selections are made for directed free play, music and movement, rhythm chants, craft activities (including materials lists), transition, songs – the list is almost unending!  Age appropriate and grade level indicators assist in the selection process.

As a Subscriber completes the selection process for the desired lesson plan, a number of options will appear.  The Subscriber will have the ability to type in a title, such as:

Mrs. Hunter's Kindergarten Class
November 30, 2009
"Fun with Colors"

Music, as well as rhythm chant and finger plays, can be loaded onto the Subscribers’ CD burner software and then burned to a CD for educational and classroom use.  This is a particular “handy” option as all the music and chant selections selected, will be ripped/burned in the order of the lesson plan.

The last option in the lesson plan creation process is the American Sign Language handout sheets.  Hands 4 Learning, LLC has the only downloadable ASL Image Bank on the Internet.  Much like clip and create, Hands 4 Learning will open its bank with over 500 ASL images to choose from.

After the Music selection is made and ripped/burned, an ASL handout sheet is compiled of the signs generated by the lesson plan.  The Subscriber will have the option of arranging the ASL Images in the desired order as well as adding or deleting signs to complete the ASL handout.  Again the Subscriber may add information at the top of the ASL handout sheet creating a complete and completely customized Lesson Plan.
Features for the Professional and Childcare Center Subscription levels include:

  • Professional/Center Listing: Both the Professional’s and Childcare Center’s information will be available to the public in a large search engine.  Retrievable by region, zip code or name.
  • Access to the Collaborators Chalkboard: The Chalkboard is a Web forum for finding ideas, shareing ideas and connecting with the community of Early Childhood Educators and Professionals.
  • Subscription Privilege Purchasing: Discounts on many of the Product Resources found in the Hands 4 Learning Online Resource Center. Subscrber will get sales alerts and special pricing prior to items being available to the general public.

Additional options with the Professional and Childcare Center Subscriptions are:

  • Video Dictionary:  This will add utility to the Subscriber’s own website by uploading the Hands 4 Learning Video Dictionary. Parents and Clients won't be sent to "another" site for quick helpful signing references - they can stay right at the Subscribers' website.
  • Newsletter Customizer:  To assist in keeping parents and clients of Subscribers informed, Hands 4 Learning provides weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual newsletter templates customizable with Logos, calendars and location information.  Templates have “Open Boxes” for information specific to the Subscriber as well as “Set Boxes” for developmental domain and skills spotlight articles written in layman’s terms for every parent to understand (many translated into Spanish).


Hands 4 Learning houses an Online Resource Center for both its Subscribers and the Public.  This store stocks useful items for both the Classroom and the Living room making each environments rich with learning tools.  Available are Educator and Parent Kits, DVD’s, CD’s, Books, Educational toys and games and much more.

"Having hundreds of these ‘Little ASL Signers’ to customize my handouts for the workshops I teach is wonderful.  It’s helpful for the parents to see a child-like image signing."

Nickie Gael,
ASL Instructor & Early Childhood Interventionist

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